Posted on by Marcia Alker


The land of the free and the home of the brave…

The place also home to an orange looking man with a questionable haircut, who I am sure most of   you are familiar.

Come the Fourth of July they will be having their annual celebration of The Declaration of Independence and the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation. This is a day, which always promises to be a loud and brazen affair, with parades, flags and copious amounts of food and drink.

We at the Fancy Dress Box hold no grudges and plan to join our transatlantic cousins in celebration and we invite you to do the same. Come visit us and get your Fourth of July needs. For something around the homestead, we have Flags (3ft x 2ft) from a measly £6.95 as well bunting at just £2.50.

If you are feeling presidential and want to pay homage to Donald then we are the place for you! We have the trump over the head latex mask for £14.95. However, if you really want a HUGE Trump look you have to buy the full trump outfit for just £30 and if latex is not your thing get the wig instead for that authentic, floppy, comb over style at £12.09, trust me that’ll be a lot less than he pays for it!

Sports fans, we will get you over the line in style, too!

Whether you fancy the classic baseballer at just £35 to make you look like you’ve just stepped off the plate at Fenway park (with inflatable bat at just £2.75) or you’re more of a rough and tumble American Footballer with two different styles available for £30 and £45 respectively. We also sell inflatable American footballs to help you look the real part. Alternatively, if you are more of the armchair expert type (so are we!) then the Armchair Quarterback might be more your style!

Get your pom-poms at the ready and give some true American spirit in our Cheerleader outfit at £17.50 or get a real American upgrade and get the Sandy from Grease Cheerleader, it’ll be the one that you want! Or take it west and get yourself down to the rodeo in our Rodeo Doll costume for just £29.99! Or how about being an iconic figure? An instantly recognisable and adored woman? New this year we have a full Statue of Liberty outfit! Just under £20 will leave you looking like the real thing!

Of course, if you want to celebrate but don’t want to show off too much, we’ve got tonnes of accessories for you. Hot pants, sunglasses, bandanas and hats all under £10 and all American!

Last but not least, the head honcho, Uncle Sam himself, at just £22 this is a steal! We also sell Uncle Sam hats at a cheaper £6.25


Happy Fourth of July!